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Escape Game what is it ?

LYou will live there a scenario dotted with puzzles to solve based on the excavation, the reflection, and the manipulation of objects and mechanisms.

Collaboration and listening will be your best weapons to find the exit!


Where does the Escape Game come from?

The Escape Game comes from Asia, or under the exotic name of Takagisme, fans of puzzles and puzzles of all kinds began to organize video games, then real spaces of play to make their thoughts creep! In Europe, it is in Budapest, in the basement of bars that the innkeepers have first adopted this practice to entertain their customers. Today, the rooms are more and more sophisticated both in decoration and scenarios! Immersia offers rooms carefully crafted to make your experience as immersive and recreational as possible!

What is the difficulty level? I've never done it, will I do it?

Our rooms are designed for all audiences, and widely accessible to beginners. You can mention your level of play in the comments section of the bookings, or the game master on the spot, it can make small changes to the scenario and adapt its accompaniment to simplify or make the game more difficult according to your wishes!

How's it going? What time should I arrive? How long does it last ?

An escape game session requires a team of 3 to 5 players who will be locked in a scripted room in which you will have to progress by solving puzzles. You have 60 minutes to go out. A game master watches you through cameras to guide you and make the experience more enjoyable! The experience is favored by an immersive briefing, and a summary of your adventure, so you need to count about 1:30 on site. The booking schedule is the beginning of the briefing, so you need to be right on time. Our masters of the game will be conciliatory with the latecomers as far as possible, but if the session following yours is reserved, the delay of the departure will unfortunately encroach your time in the room …

Do you record with the cameras?

No ! We do not record camera images. This is a live stream that only serves the master of the game at the moment to guide you in your progress. If you want a feedback on your experience, do not worry, the game master will restore your progress during the debriefing!

Do you recommend 3 to 5 persons ? Can we come to 2 or 6 ?

Our games are calibrated so that various actions and parallel puzzles mobilize about 4-5 persons and our rooms sized for this number. If the rooms are still playable at 2 for regulars of the Escape Game, beyond 5, your experience would be deteriorated. If you are 6 or more, we can coordinate a competition between 2 simultaneous sessions of Mission: Evolvis. Mention that you are a group in the comments! The room “The Lost Temple of Cthulhu” is not playable for 6 persons !

Are your rooms accessible to PRMs?

Our reception area and the Mission: Evolvis scenario are accessible PMR. Mention the participation of PMR in the comments section during your reservation to assign you the adapted room. For the Lost Temple of Cthulhu, the nature of the scenery requires reduced passages that do not allow access to large chairs. It is however possible to participate in this adventure, but it is better to contact us to ensure the possibility of making a special arrangement for your visit.

From what age can one participate?

From 9-10 years, children can participate with their parents, but it is strongly recommended that at least two adults participate in the game to supervise them and make good progress in the game. Youth groups (between 12 and 16) years), must be accompanied by an adult. Beyond, no limit, so put your grandmother to the test of the Lost Temple of Cthulu!

How much does it cost?

Immersia offers one-time sessions for “The Lost Temple of Cthulhu” according to schedules and periods, regardless of the number of players. It’s better to come to 4 or 5, and that’s good, the rooms are optimized for these numbers!

Evolvis Mission has a rate per number of players:3 players 96 €, 4 players 116 €, 5 players 125 €. The Mission is playable from 3 to 10 players. A second room is needed from 6 players.

Can I offer a good gift - how does it work?

Of course ! All you need to do is simply choose the Gift Voucher option in the Reservation section, and the beneficiary will obtain a valid booking code at the times concerned by the Gift Voucher. You can also book a slot for your friends and if it is a surprise, do not forget to mention it by checking the cache, and we will not send them a confirmation email !

Someone has an impediment, can we cancel?

We are sorry for this impediment. We do not generally accept booking changes. If you block a game slot, we allocate a game master for your team, and if you cancel, it’s difficult for us to re-allocate. However, depending on your booking window, and if you contact us well in advance, we will try to find you a replacement niche. So do not wait until the last moment! E will not send them a confirmation email !

A friend can not come / A friend wants to come - Does this pose a problem?

For “Cthulhu” the prices are fixed regardless of the number of players (3 -5 players). We will not charge you more for a last-minute addition (no more than 5 players), as we will not refund you a withdrawal. From the moment you are between 3 and 5 in the end, this is no problem and impact your experience only moderately.

For the “Evolvis Mission”, please notify us if the number of players does not match the booking. If you have not notified in advance (48h) a fixed supplement of 25 € will be requested on site. In case of withdrawal of a person notified in advance (48h): a discount voucher equivalent to the price of a person will be sent to you.

I have a bug at the time of booking, what to do?

We strongly advise you to use browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox!

You can always find the news of the new rooms on, or on Escape Shaker which proposes the availabilities of the rooms. You can also visit la carte escapeAllo Escape, or the polygamer site that tests quite escape room. you can follow our news in the section NEWS.

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