Your mission

In a world devastated by evil, you are a crew of space scrapers, agents of recovery of old space wrecks. While you have just boarded a space capsule adrift, your ship is attacked by an invisible and mysterious enemy. Your ship is too damaged and stay hidden in the last pocket of air available: this mysterious capsule that evokes the legend of an ancient civilization … Enter the strange capsule straight out of the imagination of Captain Nemo, and try to realize his supreme mission: the universe of evil that gnaws at him. And who says ? Maybe he will deliver you his treasures ? Cinema sets and a new generation of riddles with cutting-edge technologies In the tradition of the rooms of Immersia, the scrapers of space is an immersive adventure in the atmospheres and decorations worked! Gears, steam, high-tech systems: immerse yourself in a world of references: a Victorian universe Steampunk studded with studs to masterpieces POP SF as there are 20 000 places, Avatar … We created this scenario as an immersive adventure ! You have few classic codes: place your keys, your digits, your code code, you will discover playful high tech mechanisms never seen to succeed your mission !

  • Aventure-Steampunk