In a world devastated by evil, you are a crew of space scrap metal workers, agents for the recovery of old space wrecks. While you have just boarded a drifting space capsule, your ship is under attack by an invisible and mysterious enemy.

Your ship is too damaged and you must remain hidden in the last available air pocket: this mysterious capsule that evokes the legend of an ancient civilization… Enter the strange capsule straight out of Captain Nemo’s imagination, and try to achieve his supreme mission: save the universe from the evil that gnaws at him. And who says? Perhaps he will deliver his treasures to you?!

Movie sets and new generation of high-tech puzzles

In the tradition of Immersia’s halls, Les ferrailleurs de l’espace is an immersive adventure in carefully crafted atmospheres and settings! Gears, steam, high-tech systems: you will dive into a world of references: a Victorian Steampunk universe filled with eye nails to POP SF masterpieces as there are 20,000 places, the fifth element, Avatar…

We created this scenario as an immersive adventure! You have few classic codes: instead of keys, numbers, digicodes, you will discover high-tech game mechanisms never seen before to succeed in your mission!

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