In the near future, overpopulation and intensive industry have critically depleted the Earth’s resources. EVOLVIS organizes the exodus of part of humanity to the planet Utopia, condemning all those who fail the sensory tests* of the “A choice for all” program, carried out in their mysterious test centres.

You play as a Philistine commando, the rebellion led by the surviving hacker Wild Mongrel, in search of evidence to expose EVOLVIS‘ lies. But to help him, the only way is to enter Evolvis’ ultra-guarded premises by participating in the “A choice for all” program at the risk of your life…

Then sharpen your 5 senses*, or you will know a fateful fate, and condemn humanity.

An Escape Game room with original sensory puzzles in which you will touch, taste, smell, and observe, on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to infiltrate Evolvis.

2 identical Evolvis rooms available for teambuildings and EVG (up to 10 players). Information: 01 42 42 62 13 60.
(allow approx. 1h45 on site including 60min max of play)

Evolvis can exceptionally accommodate 6 players, but the experience was designed for 3 to 5. Be aware that your game may be altered, so we recommend that you book both rooms instead and play with 3 people in each room.

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