In the near future, overpopulation and intensive industry have critically reduced the resources of the Earth. The EVOLVIS society organizes the exodus of a part of humanity to the planet Utopia, condemning all those who fail the sensory tests * of the program “A choice for all”, operated in their mysterious test centers. You play as a commando of the Philistines, the rebellion led by the survivalist hacker Jihelem, in search of evidence to denounce the lies of EVOLVIS. But to help it, the only way is to enter the ultra-guarded premises of Evolvis by participating in the program “A choice for all” at the risk of your life … Then sharpen your 5 senses *, or you will know a fatal destiny, and condemn humanity. A room of Escape Game with original sensory enigmas in which you will touch, taste, smell, and observe, on the lookout for any opportunity to infiltrate Evolvis. 2 identical Evolvis rooms available for teambuildings and EVG (up to 10 players). Information on 01 42 62 13 60. (allow about 1h45 on the spot of which 60min max of play) Prices vary according to the number of players: 3 players: 32 € / person – 4 players: 29 € / person – 5 players: 25 € / person. A second room is needed from 6 players.

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