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The Lost Temple of Cthulhu

Fantasy Adventure

An adventure on the borders of madness. A dark necromancer Shaman is about to wake up the great demon Cthulhu. Will you have the courage to leave on the cursed archipelago to counter it ? Read more

Mission: Evolvis – Sharpen your 5 senses

Science Fiction Adventure

Roleplay and interventions in the room. Evolvis Corp. is preparing to eradicate almost all of humanity. Infiltrate their headquarters without being unmasked. But watch out, the guards are rumbling. Read more

The Scrapers of Space

Steampunk Adventure

High tech technologies in action. You have just recovered a space wreck deriving in the cosmos. It turns out to be a secret that could well save the entire universe of the mysterious evil that spreads. Read more

Immersia: The Escape Game with original & immersive adventures

About -Immersia

New Live Escape Game where we want to make you live a fun and epic experience! Our sets and immersive scenarios will propel you into real adventures of which you are the hero! So escape with Immersia ! What is The Escape Game ? The Escape Game is a fun and immersive adventure of about an hour in a dedicated room equipped with decors and mechanisms developed by us.