You can reserve multiple slots at the same time.

Evolvis Mission

Room also available in dual mode * 

In the near future, the exploitation of the land by Evolvis Corp. threatens the future of humanity. You play as a rebel squad infiltrating the firm’s parent company with your 5 senses to save the future of the human race. 

Role play and immersive interaction with actors in the room, several possible endings.

 * Possibility to reserve 2 slots simultaneously to play 2 teams (3 to 5 players per team) The unique game system of this room allows you to play competitive or collaborative in this mode of play the two teams are obliged to communicate to succeed in getting out alive.

The lost temple of Cthulhu

On a mysterious island, a dark Shaman is preparing to resuscitate an ancestral demon: Cthulhu. You play as explorers of the occult to thwart these evil plans, but beware, the shaman has already resurrected dark creatures and they roam in the jungle … 

Midway between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raiders in the world of H.P. Lovecraft.

This adventure can scare some people, a soft version is possible for the most sensitive groups.


The Steampunk spacecraft

As scrapers of space you pick up carcasses of drifting ships, but what would happen if the ship you just found was holding a secret that could save the entire universe from an evil that is receding dangerously.